Baguio on a Budget Trip

Are you Fan of LizQuen of Forevermore? Wondering where does fresh and yummy strawberries to get? Perhaps this place looks familiar to you! But if not, I highly encourage you to visit one of the high hill places in the Philippines just like Baguio City! So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and let’s go!

Baguio City at a Glance

Beautiful Baguio City.*

Baguio was built as the hill station in the early 1900s, at the beginning of the USA Colonial Period. That’s the reason why the names of numerous from the key landmarks noise western or American. Burnham Park was named right after Architect Daniel Burnham, which planned metropolis; the Wright Area after Governor-General Luke Edward Cullen Wright; Camp John Existe after John Milton Existe, who was President Roosevelt’s Secretary of State; and even Bell House after Standard J. Franklin Bell. Typically, Mansion, one of the particular city’s most recognizable structures, was constructed to provide as the state residence associated with the Governor-General.

Today, Baguio City is the biggest town

Today, Baguio is the biggest town and therefore the economic center of the Cordillera region. Despite being a resort town, it’s extremely urban, home to virtually 350,000 residents, several of that square measure from close cities and provinces UN agency captive to town for work or studies. It’s this cooler perspective that produces Baguio a magnet for tourists attempting to flee the searing heat of the lowlands, particularly within the summer.

Baguio City on the Road

Get ready for the trip! Baguio can get reached only by land from other areas in Luzon.

Here is the list of some buses and vans that you can find for each destination.

Via Metro Manila – travel time is 6 hours, the fare is P450.
Dagupan bus at Cubao (02) 727-2330
Genesis bus at Cubao (02) 709-0803
Joy bus at Cubao and Pasay (02) 733-8622, (02) 853-3115
Victory liner at Pasay, Caloocan, and Cubao (02) 727-4688
Via Aurora – travel time is 8 hours, the fare is P300
D Liner bus at Maria +63 919 622 1649
Lizardo Trans at Baler
Via Bataan – travel time is 7 hours, the fare is P530
Genesis bus at Mariveles (047) 237-3310

list of some buses and vans

Via Clark – travel time is around 4 hours. From the airport, take the shuttle service to Dau terminal. Fare is P100, travel time is close to 20 minutes. At the terminal, take a Victory Liner bus with trips at 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to Baguio City. The bus fare is P300.
Via Cagayan – travel time is 6 hours, fare P350
Dalin bus at Tuguegarao and Aparri (074) 424 4301
Gabriel trans at Aparri+63 927 515 0170
Van at Tuguegarao+63 947 148 2544
Via Cavite – travel time is 7 hours, the fare is P500
Saulog at Cavite City (02) 727-2330
Via Laoag – travel time is 6 hours, the fare is P480
Farinas trans (077) 772-0126 to 27
Gabriel trans +63 927 515 0170
Partas (077) 771-4898

An early rise at Mines View Park. Indeed, this was a good morning!

Via Ilocos Sur – travel time is 5 hours, the fare is P480
Partas at Vigan and Candon (077) 771-4898
Philippine Rabitt at Vigan
Van at Candon +63 930 326 5492
Via Ifugao – travel time is 6 hours, the fare is P480
Ohayami at Banaue and Lagaue +63 916 600 9333
Via Isabela – travel time is 7 hours, fare is P500
Northern Luzon bus at Santiago +63 977 339 8480
Van +63 947 148 2544
Via La Union – travel time is 3 hours, the fare is P250
Van at San Fernando +63 930 326 5492
Via Nueva Ecija – travel time is 4 hours, the fare is P240
Solid North at Cabanatuan

More list of Buses..

Van Ban Trans at Cabanatuan and San Jose (074) 304-2795
Van at Gapan +63 926 637 9697
Nueva Vizcaya – travel time is 4 hours, the fare is P240
Van at Isabela +63 947 148 2544
Via Pangasinan – travel time is 3 hours, the fare is P200+
Dagupan bus at Dagupan
Genesis bus at Dagupan
Victory liner at Dagupan
Victory liner at Bolinao
Van at Dagupan
Van at Carmen +63 916 588 1845

Baguio City tourist map

Need help or perhaps a map to Baguio? Perhaps, this blog got you covered! Take a look at the map and check out the awesome places to find Baguio.  

The Heart of Baguio City .*


Burnham Park is Baguio’s most popular attraction. When you notice it within the map, It doesn’t look much, but in reality, it is huge. Within its area are several smaller places regarding interest. The Melvin Jones Grandstand is the most visible, but if you walk around, you’ll also see the Children’s Playground and the Orchidarium, among others.

Check out the beautiful pictures of Baguio City by Sir Aly Reyes

Baguio FRONT
Baguio 1
Baguio 2
Baguio 3
Baguio 4
Baguio 5
Baguio 6
Baguio 7
Baguio 8
Baguio 9
Baguio 10
Baguio 11
Baguio 12
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Baguio FRONT
Baguio 1
Baguio 2
Baguio 3
Baguio 4
Baguio 5
Baguio 6
Baguio 7
Baguio 8
Baguio 9
Baguio 10
Baguio 11
Baguio 12
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There’s also a lot of activities to enjoy here, mostly catering to families. You can rent a swan boat so you can paddle along Burnham Lagoon or you can rent a bike or go-kart and ride around the park.

Rental fees:
Chopper (big bike): P75 per 30 minutes
Go kart: P50 per 30 minutes
Boat: P100 per 30 minutes (good for 5 pax) + P50 if with rower

10 Baguio Hidden Tourist Spots

The best thing about Baguio is of which it’s a community of anti-mall goers despite the existence of one of the largest mall chains in the Philippines. That’s why both locals and tourists choose to head to various establishments, parks, restaurants, and such that are locally-owned rather than move to somewhere commercialized. I’m here to show you the not-so-common-yet-still-awesome Baguio tourist spots off the beaten path.

1. Mount Costa

Moun Costa is a rare location for tourists because it’s away from the city center. An appointment inside the garden ensures a new quiet and peaceful time hidden amidst a 15-acre area covered in Pine Trees. It’s pretty cool up here and that requires a bit of a new trek but it’s all worth it once you see all the inspired gardens and discoverable places like the amphitheater, meal kiosks, land art, plus reflection pond.

  • Location: ME 33 Upper Lamtang, Puguis
  • Estimated budget: P350(adult) for entrance fee
  • Activities: Take photos by the different gardens, do some Twig and Land Art, or meditate in the garden.
  • Don’t miss: The Spectrum Garden
  • Travel tips:
    – Bring an insect repellent
    – Bring extra money for food and drinks since outside food and drinks are prohibited.

2.  Calle Uno Food Hub

The Calle Uno Food Hub is Baguio first dabble into the food playground concept, but instead of using normal containers, they use vehicles, particularly Volkswagen’s Beetle! It’s the first available in the world. It houses 7 locally-owned food concepts and is a short walk coming from Calle Uno’s co-working space.

Location: 3 Escoda (First Road) corner Naguilian Road Quezon Hall

  • Estimated budget: P300
  • Activities to do: Eat, take a flat lay photo.
  • Don’t miss: Cheesy German Franks of Binge Beetle, Wings and Thighs of Road Grill’s Wings, burgers of Brrrgrrr, and glazed chicken wings from Munchiez.
  • Travel tips:
    – Save a seat first before ordering.
    – It’s best to come here with a group so you can buy from different stall and share them.

3. Laperal Whitehouse

Laperal Whitehouse is said to be the most haunted house in all of Baguio. However, if you don’t mind a few scares to keep points exciting, this is a new must-visit for you along with your friends. The house alone is a beautiful work of American colonial architecture plus is full of stories that may or might not keep you up at night.

Location: Leonard Wood Rd.

  • Estimated budget: P50
  • Activities to do: Ghost hunting
  • Don’t miss: Don’t miss the trivias you could get about the haunted house’s history.
  • Travel tips: If you’re weak on the knees, at least take a photo of the place, the house itself is beautiful.

4.  Pink Sisters Convent

The sign of Catholic is very important for Filipinos. The Pink Sisters Convent is also known as the Chapel of Divine Love and is known for the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters that prays petitions for people all day. If you need a prayer request and a spritual encounter, add this chapel to your list.

  • Location: Brent Rd., Benguet
  • Estimated budget: FREE
  • Activities to do: Take time to pray and meditate for safe travels.
  • Don’t miss: Find the self-service taho after you pray.
  • Travel tips: List down your prayer requests and hope for the best for your travel from the sisters.

5. Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

The restaurant is just right beside Tam-Awan Village and is loved by everyone regarding its Nipa Hut type exterior and delicious yet affordable Cordilleran food. The dishes are simple but packed filled with flavor. The whole experience is reminiscent of what and how locals eat. The area usually uncanny for a restaurant but option best part- ’cause you will get more time to soak inside the meals and the ambiance.

  • Location: Long Long Benguet,Tam- Awan Village
  • Estimated budget: P350
  • Activities to do: Taste the various flavors of the Cordillera region.
  • Don’t miss: Pinikpikan, Dinakdakan, and Ube Halaya are the dishes you must try.
  • Travel tips: Try to talk to the servers and ask what the dishes are, how it’s made, etc so you get an idea of their food culture.

6. Baguio Cathedral

The biggest catholic church in Baguio City. It’s also known as the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral atop Mount Mary Hill. The church is stunning and the interior is just majestic. The view of the church itself is worth going to.

  • Location: Mount Mary Cathedral Loop
  • Estimated budget: FREE
  • Activities to do: Attend a Sunday mass, take a selfie outside the church, or take time to pray and meditate for safe travels.
  • Travel tips: As much as possible, don’t buy your souvenirs here, since this area sells rather expensive goods.

7. Bookends

Bookends is an ukay-ukay benue for bookworms. It has rare books from the US, UK, and Australia at very low prices. It stores the chosen love for print alive by making books available for everyone.

  • Location: T.Claudio St.
  • Estimated budget: P150
  • Activities to do: Read and purchase old books or meet fellow bookworms
  • Don’t miss: There are books as low as P40.

8. Asin Hot Springs

Given that Baguio’s surrounded by fog and has a cold environment, swimming is not just the many popular activities of choice for all. However, Asin Hot Spring makes it possible with their pools enclosed within a river plus trees. It’s a good side trip for families who want to experience a different side of Baguio.

Location: Asin, Tuba Benguet

  • Estimated budget: P100
  • Activities to do: Take a dip in the hot springs and eat at their resort restaurant.
  • Don’t miss: Explore the grounds and take some photos of the spring and rivers surrounding the area.
  • Travel tips: It’s best to go earlier than summer and the holidays so that it won’t be crowded and hot.

9. Mt. Pulag National Park

Mt. Pulag is one of the mountains in you’ll see in most climbers’ list. If you’re planning to add this to your list as well, make sure you’re prepared literally and mentally for your climb. It’s not for the faint of heart but the view from the summit is priceless.

Location: Mt.Pulag, Benguet

  • Estimated budget: P800-1000
  • Activities to do: Trekking, hiking, and camping on Mt. Pulag.
  • Don’t miss: Make sure you take a selfie at the summit!
  • Travel tips:
    – If you’re planning to camp on Mt.Pulag, make sure you bring what you need and nothing more.
    – Sign-up online and travel in groups.

10. Night Market

  • If you’re one for a challenge within the city, look simply further ’cause it’s proper at Harrison Plaza. Be ready for the crowd, the haggling, and the occasional side-eyes from another lady who also wants the items you’re eyeing on. It’s a strenuous activity especially if the crowds’ a bit rowdy but once you’re done purchasing, reward yourself with manong’s street food and most likely good to go.
  • Location: Harrison Rd.
  • Estimated budget: P500
  • Activities to do: Shop for affordable clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books, you name it!
  • Don’t miss: Haggling for a lower price if you plan to hoard from one shop
  • Travel tips:
    – Be one of the first people to come early so you’ll have more items to choose from.
    – Mentally list down what you’d like to purchase so that you wouldn’t take a long time choosing.

That’s a wrap! Have a safe trip!

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