Being near to Manila, Bataan is full of Beach Resort and always on the list of weekend travelers finding the ocean in their regular everyday routine and a little spice.

And for a good cause, that is. Bataan is full of beaches, many historic sites, and natural wonders. 

If you intend to go to Bataan on a weekend getaway and book a beach resort. Then these are the best beach resorts in Bataan.

Anvaya Cove Beach Resort

Situated at Brgy. Bataan Anvaya Cove, Mabayo, Morong, this place is all about luxury. What about the high-end rooms, pools, spa, and proximity to the beachside. For use the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club entertainment facilities, you’ll need to be a member. You may, however, book directly from their website or via Airbnb.

Verde Azul Beach Resort

Located at the Crossing nagpajo, Brgy, you can have a laid-back getaway at Verde Azul, Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan The beach disappears at high tide, giving you an impression of rolling waves smashing onto the lush green lawns.

Take a dip in the large outdoor pool, and enjoy the quality of your heart. Rent a banana boat or jet ski if you want to spice your holidays up.

Auspina Eco Beach Resort

Located at Caragman Beach, Bagac, Bataan, The Auspina Eco Resort is the perfect place for you if you love eco-friendly areas! Enjoy nature at a resort that strives to minimize its environmental effects.

The front beach area is considered a Fish Sanctuary and a Sea Grass Reserve. The sanctuary area can be viewed using a kayak or raft.

Playa La Caleta of Bataan Beach Resort

Situated at Matikis, Morong, 2108 Bataan, Playa La Caleta might be just your next stop for the tropical paradise. This eco-tourism resort offers one kilometer of fine beach, lush woodland, and three gigantic waterfalls behind!

You can also go snorkeling by the island of Miguelito. You may opt to book a beach house, a gazebo, a beach house or a camping tent with air conditioning.

Bagac Bay Beach Resort in Bataan

Photo by Johnreyvhel

Would you like to go on a beach getaway but at a tight budget? No worries about that! Bagac Bay Beach Resort is one of Bataan’s affordable beach resorts that offer basic amenities.

Furthermore, you can have karaoke, play volleyball, do bonfire or barbecue and enjoy the beach. Also, this one is in Brgy. Bagac, Bataan: Pag-asa.

Landrina Escape Bataan Resort

This is situated at The Brgy Beach Subdivision. If you love rustic designs, Nagbalayong, Morong Landrina Escape is your next trendy accommodation. You’ll never want to leave after check-in.

You’ll want more from the private pool and nearby beach access. And to top of your experience, plan a bonfire!

Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort of Bataan

Located at Bayan Dati Bridge, Morong, Bataan, The Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort is the ideal place for a couple or family getaway with luxurious facilities and access from the beach. Moreover, enjoy the water activities, and dine for the best experience on the beach.

And also, let’s not forget to distress using their spa packages. You may also opt to check out their packages on tour.


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