Coron Palawan: Everything you need to know

Looking for a place like Paradise this summer?

The beautiful Island of Coron Palawan.*

Are you looking for a memorable and a one of a kind vacation this coming summer? Then you will surely want the Islands of Coron Palawan in your bucket list.

One of the most popular of them is the Island of Coron in Palawan.

Palawan is nicknamed as the “Last Frontier” of the Philippines. Due to its exclusiveness to tourists and is one of the few last places untouched by urban life. It is popular for tourists, foreigners or locals alike. Because of its special geography, it is blessed with amazing and one of a kind Islands. Like the exotic Busuanga Islands, the untainted islands of Balabac and the world-famous Puerto Princesa. But we will reach the nearest island of Palawan for today, the Island of Coron.

Take a look at the majestic archipelago of Coron Palawan

The Coron Islan of Palawan.*

The municipality of Coron is renowned for its majestic archipelago, the crystal clear waters, and its jaw-dropping sceneries. The municipality of Coron is found next to Busuanga Island (another popular attraction here in Palawan). You might get confused because there is a town named Coron in Busuanga Islands. You won’t be disappointed with the Island. Because Coron is known to be the most picture-perfect place in Palawan. And one of the most visually attractive places in the country.

Plus you aren’t limited to swimming here, you can do snorkeling, relaxing in hot springs and even mountain climbing. A very perfect place for your Instagram posts. If you’re looking for Coron Palawan Hotels then there are several types to choose from. There are deluxe types with a cost of 8000 pesos and above. Average types that cost about 4000 to 5000 pesos. And bed spaces and Nipa Hut houses for as low as a thousand peso.

Looking for adventures in Coron Palawan? Check this places out

Kayangan Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions here in Coron Palawan. It is one of the eight lakes available on the island. It is renowned for its amazing scenery. The views within the top of the hills are breathtaking. It makes the turquoise green color of the lake more visible.

The Kayangan Lake.*

The Barracuda Lake is one of the eight lakes available in the island, it is found near Kayangan Lake. The lake is composed of freshwater and saltwater. Which divides its appearance. Another one with crystal clear water and the other one with enchanting deep blue colors. But the lake’s most famous feature is its Thermo-clines. Different layers of temperature within its waters, from cold to warm and then warm to hot, the temperature constantly changes every depth you go. No wonder why Barracuda Lake is popular for divers and alike.

The Baracuda Lake.*

The Siete Pecados is a group of small islands. It is composed of seven rocky islands on the coastline of Coron Palawan. The place is suitable for swimming and snorkeling because of the rich body of water and its beautiful coral garden.

The Siete Picados

Twin Lagoon is a unique place here in Coron, one of the Lagoon is hidden. And can only be accessed by a small fissure underneath a rock formation. The waters surrounding the area are equally stunning. Like the other attractions here in Coron plus it also has a bit of Thermo-cline. Just like the Barracuda Lake.

The Twin Lagoon.*

In addition, you can swim within the lake or if you’re more adventurous, you can choose snorkeling

Malcapuya Beach is dubbed by many tourists as a paradise. Found on the Malcapuya Island, the beach is jaw-dropping for its very fine and powder-like white sand beaches. Its gorgeous palm trees, and its clear turquoise blue waters. A place is definitely an instagramable place. Its beauty can be used in postcards and alike and would leave a special memory in your heart. Plus there are several Coron Palawan Resorts in the area, one of the places you can spend the night with.

The Malcapuya Beach by Phil Tabino.*

Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the limited saltwater hot springs in the world. The relaxing springs of Maquinit can soothe your aches and relax from a day full of traveling and adventuring. Plus the hot spring is surrounded by beautiful sceneries that’ll satisfy your sight. The hot spring is definitely a great choice to end your island hopping.

The Maquinit Hot Springs by Brad Newton Blogs.*

Mt. Tapyas is the highest point in the area. You can almost see everything in Coron within its peak, there’s also a giant cross on top of the mountain. So if you’re looking for additional thrill and adventure, try mountain climbing. It is very recommendable to try Maquinit Hot springs after trekking Mt. Tapyas to soothe your exhausted body.

Mt. Tapyas by Kent Tan.*

Try diving at the Coral Garden and visit historical places in Sangat Island

The Coral Garden can be found in Calis Point, Northern coast of Coron. The underwater garden is very enchanting for its vibrant and colorful reef. The abundant amount of exotic fishes and its clear waters. Thus making the place a very good spot for snorkeling.

The Coral Garden by Distant Bliss.*

Sangat Island is a tiny island located near Brgy. Bintuan, Coron. The place has a significant part in history. The place is famous for its World War II-era shipwrecks. There are around 11 shipwrecks from the “Battle of Coron Bay” in 1944. That lay rests in the waters in the area.

A certain portion of the island is turned into the resort. So if you’re looking for Coron Palawan Resorts then Sangat Island is a good destination for you.

Shipwrecks: There are several sunken ships in the area. So if you’re a fan of shipwrecks then try scuba diving or snorkeling around these sunken behemoths.

First off, the sunken World War II-era Japanese food supply ships. Irako and Olympia Maru, then the remnants of Lusong Gunboat. And lastly the remains of a long lost ship in the Skeleton Reef.

A Brief History of the Coron Island

Calamian Archipelago was first inhabited by the Tagbanwa tribe, the Calmiananen Tribe and the Cuyonon tribe. Coron Island became the ancestral domain of the Tagbanwa tribe, one of the oldest ethnic peoples here in the Philippines.

Hence the first Spanish settlement was established in 1670, more than a century after the first Spanish arrival in the country. The settlement was built on Culion, which includes a church and a fort (to fend of pirates and Muslim raiders).

How to Get to Coron Palawan

There are several ways to travel to Coron Palawan, plane, bus and ferry. The most common way is via a flight.

From Manila, you can book a flight from Naia Terminal 2 to Francisco. Then from Bangoy Airport in Busuanga Palawan. Finally, you can take a Taxi or Van from Busuanga to Coron. Or you can take a trip from Manila to Coron via 2Go Travel.

Don’t forget to book places in advance to avoid hassles. There are several Coron Palawan Hotels in Busuanga area and on Coron.

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