Hong Kong 2020: Travel Guide and 3 Day Budget Itinerary

Welcome to Hong Kong!

Planning to go abroad? Thinking which place to go to? Then Hong Kong might be a perfect place to go!

Find out more about Hong Kong now and include this in your bucket list today!


Hong Kong’s Short history

Although officially a part of China, Hong Kong is worlds apart from the rest of the country culturally, economically and politically because of its particular history. After the British gained the second conflict of Chuenpi, the Qing Empire, who ruled China at the time, admitted defeat. Peace negotiations resulted in the Treaty of Nanjing on 29 August 1842, which officially cedes Hong Kong to Britain and ended the primary Opium battle.

Hong Kong colonized by Britain

Hong Kong becomes a colony of the then amazing British Empire, besides for the duration of international conflict II, when it became occupied by way of Japan. Britain maintained its rule of the territory till 1997, while it became exceeded back to China.

These days, Hong Kong is a unique Administrative area of China. Its miles part of China, but it has its financial system, foreign money, and immigration legal guidelines. For this reason, even mainland Chinese language would want to undergo Immigration exams upon coming into the vicinity.

Hong Kong Facts that you need to know in traveling

Some facts you would possibly need to recognize to prep in your ride.

Language: Cantonese and English are the official languages. Nearly ninety-five % of the populace speaks Cantonese. Almost the whole thing a visitor would need has an English translation, so there isn’t that thick of a language barrier. Mandarin is likewise starting to flourish as more immigrants from the mainland pour in.

Hong Kong currency and trade

Foreign money: Hong Kong greenback (HKD). HKD a hundred is around Hypertext Pre-processor 665, USD 12.75, EUR 11.23, SGD 17.25 (as of February 2019).

Money trade: You’ll locate limitless money changers around Hong Kong, concentrated within the areas of Tsim Sha Tsui (Chungking Mansions and Hankow Centre) and the critical district. ATMs also are aplenty, with HSBC being the maximum acquainted.

Modes of fee: most establishments choose coins charge, but a lot of them also be given credit card transactions.

Energy info: 220V, 50Hz. sorts G and D are used.


The months of October to March are a good time to tour Hong Kong. The maximum ideal is October-December when the temperature remains without difficulty cool and the skies a good deal extra sunny than preceding months.

January to March sees clear skies too in reality, January is the driest month, however, it may get too cold. I have experienced Hong Kong in January and February and I loved it, mainly because I without a doubt enjoy bloodless and dry iciness months.

Hong Kong climate Chart

Courtesy of weather exchange Portal

Avoid August if you could. It’s far the wettest month, on occasion battered with the aid of typhoons brewed by using the Pacific.  September is quite damp, too. Not excellent months to go to.

In case you hate large crowds, appearance far from the times main to the Chinese language New Year, and normally in past due January or early February.


This Hong Kong 3-day guides the most amazing tourist attractions around the city. I’ll tell you one secret: you can find some really cool places if you know where to look.



This residential place, in the coronary heart of Hong Kong, is visited with the aid of masses of travelers each day. Everyone wants to have that Insta-perfect image. My advice could be to reach right here as early as viable since the region has a tendency to get crowded quickly.

Choi Hung property is located at the top of an automobile park and is not precisely smooth to locate. If you’re having trouble finding it, ensure to ask a few locals. They could be greater than happy to manual you.

10 AM – NAN LIAN garden

The garden changed into built all through the Tang Dynasty and every tree, stone or pond had been organized according to the Tang fashion. Even though the Nan Lian garden isn’t always large, it’s ideal to take a walk and get away from the chaos of Hong Kong.

This oasis of tranquility also has a souvenir shop (the charges are a chunk better than within the relaxation of the metropolis), a vegetarian eating place and a Chinese tea house. I’d certainly advocate for you to feature this location to your 3-day Hong Kong itinerary. Any other excellent component is that there’s no front charge!


Proper across the road from the Nan Lian garden is the Chi Lin Nunnery, constructed in 1934. This beautiful temple complex with splendid timber information and carvings is located within the Diamond Hill location. If you’re inside the location, it’d be a disgrace not to visit it.

The temple hosts some superb statues made from gold, clay or wood, dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha and Guanyin.  The Chi Lin Nunnery also has a conventional Tang Dynasty architecture however the most surprising matters is that no nails were used to build this temple.

Chin Lin Nunnery holds the file for the biggest hand-made timber constructing and is one of the maximum stunning tourist sites in Hong Kong.



Although there’s a mini-museum within the park, I recommend looking at this documentary before traveling. The Kowloon Walled city was once the densest city within the world. Even though it was situated in the heart of Hong Kong, the Walled metropolis became an area wherein crime and vice thrived. Even the nearby police turned into afraid to get internal this metropolis.

Kowloon had a populace of 50,000 citizens, all dwelling in a place of two.6 hectares. In the early ’90s, the authorities determined to completely demolish the metropolis and a few years later inside the genuine location where the metropolis changed into constructed, a park turned into opened to the public.


Proper near the park is the Hau Wong Temple. The temple turned into built-in 1730 and although it is quite small, this temple is clearly beautiful. Right here, you can discover critical artifacts and delightful Chinese calligraphy.



Take the direct bus no. 1 from the Hau Wong Temple and head straight to the well-known street of Stars. This waterfront prom offers some of the excellent views in the direction of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

The idea behind the avenue of Stars is much like the Hollywood walk of reputation. This walkway honors the maximum vital celebrities from Hong Kong’s film enterprise. If you need some extraordinary photos with the Hong Kong skyline, this is the vicinity to be!


From the avenue of stars take the double-decker or the subway to Mong Kok, the busiest district in Hong Kong. In Cantonese, the “Mong Kong” method “crowded corner” so get equipped for a bit of chaos.

With limitless purchasing malls and comfort stores this area is heaven for buying addicts. Also, right here you can locate many street food stalls. In case you’re feeling adventurous, I advocate to try the neighborhood road meals. You will find nearby dishes along with fish tofu and smelly balls and also global dishes inclusive of pizza.

8PM – TEMPLE street night marketplace

After escaping the crowded Mong Kok, take the bus to the well-known Temple Avenue night time market. Now it’s time to buy souvenirs for the loved ones back home. Right here you will find magnets, garments, add-ons, electronics and pretty a whole lot something you can think about.

To get a first-rate shot from above the marketplace, head to the automobile parking space, wherein the marketplace ends and get your digital camera equipped to catch a few color photographs!


8 AM – NGONG PING 360 CABLE vehicle

Take the subway to Lantau Island and head immediately to the Ngong Ping 360Cable car. The 20-minute experience will take you via Hong Kong’s most lovely surroundings.

If the points of interest are not enough for you, you may take the Crystal Cabin (it expenses a piece more) which has an obvious glass floor. How fantastic is that? In case you’re fearful of heights, perhaps you ought to take the normal cabin.

The Ngong Ping 360 Cable vehicle is a tourist appeal itself and one of the coolest things to do in Hong Kong. Make sure to be there early as the cable vehicle gets pretty crowded. You can also purchase a fast skip if you need.

10AM – TIAN TAN massive BUDDHA

Our next forestall is the Tian Tan Big Buddha, located right next to the cable car. This bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni impresses via its size and beauty.

As you stroll closer to the statue, you’ll locate six smaller bronze statues, referred to as “The offering of the Six Devas”. To get to the huge Buddha, you should climb no greater and no much less than 268 steps. Advocate carrying some comfy footwear.


1 PM – MONSTER building

After being featured in the Transformers – Age of Extinction film, the Monster constructing, as it’s called by locals, has grown to be a web sensation. To get that best picture surrounded utilizing the condo homes from the Montane Mansion, you’ll queue for a while.

Monster constructing has two courtyards wherein you could take pics. If the first one is just too crowded, attempt the second one. Other than photography fans, here you’ll additionally meet many nearby individuals who appear to now not even word the vacationers searching for the great photograph perspective. You’ll see them playing Mahjong and consuming tea.


After experiencing first-hand how locals stay in Hong Kong, it’s time to head to the Victoria Peak Tram and revel in one of the maximum scenic rides in the metropolis.

On your way to the top, you will pass with the aid of tall skyscrapers, dense woodland, and delightful non-public villas. It’s a certainly precise manner to peer the difference between how the wealthy and medium-magnificence humans stay in Hong Kong.

Every so often the Victoria top Tram can get quite crowded. Be organized to wait about 30 minutes on your turn to get in. The experience will take around 15 minutes so make certain to sit down conveniently and loosen up while admiring the views.


5 PM – VICTORIA height standpoint

Once you get off the Victoria top Tram, head to one of the free viewing platforms. if you want, you may also visit the Sky Terrace 428 although I without a doubt don’t endorse it.

While the view from the Victoria top is stunning, it’s now not the satisfactory one. Walk for a couple of minutes and you will get to a hidden gem, with a much wider view and much fewer tourists. I can communicate approximately this region underneath.

7 PM – LUGARD road point of view

Lugard Road isn’t always surely a street however a direction via the wooded area. From the Victoria, top observe the route for approximately 15 mins and you may get to this exceptional standpoint. Properly hidden from travelers and without an entrance price, this was my preferred area to watch the sunset in Hong Kong.

Take a while to observe how one after the other, the skyscrapers mild up. Slowly, the daylight is changed by neon lighting fixtures and the night takes over the city. Don’t overlook your digital camera home as you may honestly want to capture those moments.


Last day! Time to make it count!

Alternative 1 – DAY trip TO MACAU

Take the ferry to Macau and discover every other dazzling city. Day journeys from Hong Kong to Macau are popular because the ferries run each 15 minutes.

Make certain to convey your passport with you! Maximum travelers don’t require a visa to enter Macau however you could check out more approximately visa necessities here.

To discover the city, propose to take a hop on and off the bus instantly from the ferry terminal in Macau. The bus has sixteen stops and it covers all the important visitor sights in the metropolis.

A number of the points of interest you may leave out are Macau Tower, A-ma Temple and of direction, the famous casinos.


Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the most visited theme parks in Asia and also you should virtually go to it in case you’re searching out a few amusing. Make sure to avoid vacations and the weekends because the park receives extremely crowded and you don’t need to spend hours queuing for rides.

To skip the strains, you may use the loose speedy passes. Close to every vital ride, there may be a ticketing device to be able to trouble a ticket with a “go back time”. Ensure to be returned at the time indicated on your ticket and enjoy a shorter queue!

Some of the most famous attractions are massive Grizzly Mountain Coaster, Iron guy experience, Mystic Manor and Tarzan’s Treehouse.



Hong Kong is a beautiful metropolis and there’s no higher manner to revel in it than by on foot. You will discover charming hidden alleys and you will have more time to admire the tall, crowded homes around you.

USE PUBLIC shipping!

The public delivery in Hong Kong is amazing! The buses and the subway are surely reliable, low cost and fast. Sure, taxis might be greater relaxed however accept as true with me, you don’t want to be stuck in site visitors in Hong Kong.


While the use of the double-decker buses, head to the higher floor and sit within the front row. You may have the first-rate view!

Attempt THE local food!

Stop at small, nearby restaurants to grab something to consume or try the street meals. The food in Hong Kong might be a piece bizarre, particularly for Westerners however it’s honestly well worth an attempt!

5 safety Travel tips every first-time Hong Kong visitor needs to know

Here are some travel tips by the Yellow Productions.*

1. Get an Octopus card

The prepaid Octopus card is handy for procuring all styles of public shipping, be it MTR, buses, ferries or trams. That’s no longer all although – you may additionally use it at many stores and rapid-meals restaurants and even vending machines, so make certain to preserve it crowned up if you want to tap-and-pay your way around town.

2. Tipping

Tipping is not a massive deal in Hong Kong as it is inside the US as an instance, in which waiters will chase you down the road for leaving a piddling 15 percent. Eating places typically slap on a ten percent provider fee however that is made explicit on the menu. If the service changed into especially top, you may upload a bit more however this isn’t predicted. Taxi drivers don’t count on suggestions however if the fare comes out to an ungainly variety, round up to the nearest greenback and they received whinge!

3. Get right into a taxi earlier than telling the driving force in which you’re going

Taxi drivers in Hong Kong can be a temperamental bunch. Occasionally, they received and want to take you to in which you want to go, mainly if it’s on the alternative side of the harbor. However, in case you get in and close the door earlier than telling the driving force your vacation spot, it’s much more difficult for them to say no.

4.  Learn some Canto terms

Cantonese and English are the reputable languages of Hong Kong and while the general public communicates English, it’s really worth gaining knowledge of a few Canto phrases so that you can greet locals their manner. There are nine tones in Cantonese, which makes it extremely intricate to grasp, however, it’s polite to offer it your pleasant shot and it’d make humans extra inclined that will help you out while you pass as much as them for instructions. Two primary phrases that will help you get started: “hi there” is reported nay ho and “exact morning” is stated jo san.

5. Beware of massage signs with a smiley face

There are lots of spas and reflexology centers inside the town supplying soothing massages at very affordable rates. Be warned though, in positive regions – mainly Wan Chai and Mong Kok – the masseurs may additionally offer extra offerings. Apocryphally, a smiley face internal a foot on the shop’s neon sign denotes a naughty parlor, so keep away from those just if you don’t come to be with a marvel all through your rubdown.


If you are going to ask me personally, then it is a YES!

Honestly, I haven’t visited Hong Kong but upon seeing the pictures and doing a mini-research over this beautiful place, it has become immediately my bucket list! It brought me to excitement that makes me want to go there soon.

No wonder so many travelers claimed their time and money to be all worth it in just a short period of time.

That’s a wrap! Make Hong Kong one of your bucket list now!

Have a blessed trip to Hong Kong!

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