The Sagada tour is organized and well-governed. it is simple to create an itinerary. Yeah, there are plenty of activities to try out, but you can group them into three main types: spelunking, chasing waterfalls, and trekking. What I strongly recommend is to pick one from each list.

Beautiful Sagada Captured by Fhang Eusebio

 It is also important to remember that these Sagada Tour can be overwhelming for everyone. Keep speed in mind. If you can, just one tour a day, preferably in the morning so you don’t have to think too much about the sun. Instead, just spend your afternoon hanging out in a cafe and strolling around the area. You can also add to the schedule of any day a visit to the Hanging Coffins, as this is a simple and walk.

Here’s a sample itinerary for Sagada Tour. As always, do not hesitate to make modifications to this itinerary according to your taste and other considerations.


Sumaguing Cave, Sagada Mountain Province by Tynnn.nn

At 08:00 am, is your Arrival in Sagada, also note that Bus fare is around P760. By 08:15 am, you will Pay Tourism Fee that costs P50 only. After that, by 08:45 am, you may go to your chosen Hotel and check-in or bag drop and get ready for your breakfast. At around 09:15 am, have your Breakfast at your chosen resto.

Sumaguing Cave by Engr_Marzo

A little recommendation: try at Salt and Pepper which costs around P200+. After breakfast, by 10:15 am, get ready to leave for Sumaguing. The Jeep fare is about P87.50 (P350/4pax). By 10:40 am, you can start exploring the wonders of the Sumaguing Cave, the Tour Guide will cost you about P200 (P800/4pax).

Catch our friend Wil Dasovich as he explores the Samaguing Cave

After for your amazing tour in the cave, at 01:30 pm, you can have your lunch at Gaia Café that costs about P300+. By 03:00 pm, you may Freshen up, rest, and recharge for several hours. Then by 06:30 pm, have your Dinner at Sagada Brew, which costs P300+. And lastly, 08:00 pm, you go back to the inn and prepare for your good night’s sleep.


Astonishing capture of Bomod-ok Falls by michaeldlcrzzzz

At 06:30 am, you leave for Bomod-ok. The Jeepney fare costs about P162.50 (P650/4pax). By 07:00 am, you should be swimming and enjoying the Bomod-ok Falls. It costs P125 (P500/4pax) plus, P10 access fee. Noontime, you can have Lunch at Yoghurt House that costs P250+.

At 03:00 pm, get ready for your Echo Valley Tour which is P75 (P300/4pax) + P10 access fee. By 05:00 pm, you can shop for souvenirs. Remember, you can’t afford to leave the place with memories and pasalubongs. By around 07:00 pm, have your Dinner at Log Cabin that costs P300. And lastly, by 08:30 pm, you go back to the inn.


Stunning capture of Blue Soil at Sagada by geni_xis

It might be a little early, but by 04:30 am, you prepare for your Leave for Marlboro Hill, Jeepney fare costs P337.5 (P1350/4pax). Around 05:00 am, you may be Starting your Trek, costs at P400 (P1600/4pax). By 06:00 am, you may have your Breakfast at Marlboro Hill.

Which costs around P70. And by 06:30 am, continue to Trek up to Blue Soil Hill. By 09:30 am, you may go back to the inn, take a shower, pack up, and check out. By11:00 am, have your Brunch at Lemon Pie House, for only P200. Also, try yogurt and relax at Yoghurt House, at around P120 after your brunch. Then at 03:30 pm, walk to the junction, wait for the bus and finally, at 04:00 pm, wait for the Bus to Manila, the costs for P760. 

Heavenly place, Marlboro Hills by Choose Philippines

Some of my reminders before I end, at the tourism office all tourists arriving in Sagada are expected to pay Php 70 for tourism fees.

They will issue a receipt that you should carry with you to allow you access to tourist attractions such as Samaguing Cave that need a guide. Also, if you are more of a card guy, get used to taking paper money along. All establishments here (souvenir shops, restaurants, lodging) allow cash only for payment.

Furthermore, practice conserving water. Like Baguio, mountainous Sagada has a limited and costly water supply. You may also carry along your bottle of water. Let’s support our environment by reducing alcohol consumption in plastic bottles. Do not go out too late in the evening.

 That’s all for today. Have a safe Sagada Tour trip!


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