Simala Church: 2020 Travel Guide & Itinerary

Simala Shrine Church may be a non-secular structure and institution situated in Sibonga city, Southern Cebu.

One of the most famous and peaceful places is found, Simala.

Cebu is a province and it is known as the Queen City of the South in the Philippines because of its huge potential when it comes to economy and infrastructure. And there, one of the most famous and peaceful places is found, Simala.

Simala may be a place for those who believe in miracles. This place has been legendary to be miraculous. The religious residence of the Eucharistic liturgy may be a church in Sibonga for the Jewess devotees. The church is extremely standard among believers not solely as a result of it’s thought-about the house of the image of the miraculous Virgin however conjointly because the place is wonderful and spectacular. The religious residence is that the place wherever the ‘Mga Monghe metallic element Maria’ [Monks of Mary] lives.

Pilgrimages or visiting non-secular places is one among the foremost vital aspects that almost all Filipino Catholics have. This side keeps their religion alive and keeps them going despite all the challenges in life.

A Brief History of Simala Church

The Simala Church by Karla Gallos

Long – while past somebody foresaw that in some unspecified time in the future in a very rough and desolate hill in Londogon, Sibonga, would reign a white woman and therefore the place would be holy and sacred. That, someone, was normally better-known by locals because of the wise recent man “Inkong Villamor”. A year later his son became a notable priest and was called “Monsignortomas Villamor”. Sadly, Inkong wasn’t ready to witness that since he died before the profession declaration of his son.

Frater Martin and therefore the monks came to the place so Monsignortomas planned to make a religious residence for them. As that they had been wandering around, in finding out an ideal place for the religious residence junction rectifier them to a dry and desolate space. By viewing it, therefore, you’ll say that the place was so unproductive, the most reason why the owner sold-out the land at a really low worth.  

Many would say that solely magic and miracles would build the plants and grass grows. The place is extremely dry, unhappy and wet. But they ne’er lose their hopes up. Instead, they set to make a short-lived house to remain in. it was manufactured from bamboo trees and coconut leaves.

Struggles were real throughout those days on the monk era

The Simala Church by Samuel Archer Antipuesto.*

Struggles were real throughout those days, they were an effort for food and that they were having a living issue. They baby-faced countless challenges except for their everyday living. The veterans being criticized and small by locals. Their presence created the individuals uncomfortable and generally would throw coins at them as they have gone.

Through their endless religion within the Virgin Virgin Mary, they forever pray and hope to assist them with their state of affairs. With their full effort, they planted trees within the space however unsure what would be the result. Every week later, they were afraid of the result. The monks might hardly believe that the trees were growing.

After a month of productivity, El Niño came which created the plants grew decrepit and thinly and sadly, it was followed by dandy fever Malady. Many kids were infected et al died. The villagers couldn’t afford to bring their kids to a hospital so that they set to stay home.

Frater Martin started the penitentiary walk

Frater Martin and therefore the monks believed that with their religion and sacrifices conferred by their forefathers would drive the disembodied spirit away gift within the place. so that they started the penitentiary walk with a tiny low range of individuals changes of integrity the procession.

On the third evening, when they did the procession, they smelled scents of contemporary flowers that sprawling everywhere the village. Suddenly, the world was freed from dandy fever and mosquitoes and therefore the kids suffering were recovered. By consecutive morning, they’ve witnessed the blooming of contemporary flowers covering the complete hill.

People from completely different places began to gather when hearing the miraculous event. The place became “The white woman of Sanctuary” of “The Virgin Mary”.

The development within the space remains current and much of holidaymakers around the globe visit the religious residence to check its beauty and charm.

What you can see around Simala Church

The ceiling of the Simala Church by Leslie Buncio.*

Statues of guardian angels are set at the compound gate. At the terrible entrance, there’s a large duplicate of female parent Mary. That duplicate was created to honor mother by those miracles she completed- aforementioned by locals.

The religious residence was designed uphill for individuals to run penitential before getting into the sanctum. There’s conjointly a desire bell excellent for people who want to form needs. One should throw a coin and confirm that it’ll bounce to the bell’s aspect for you want to come back true.

Simala Church is divided into 5 elements

The religious residence is split into 5 elements. the primary half is that the testimony hall space wherever you’ll see millions of letters and things given by people who believed that they were recovered by the miraculous Virgin mother.

The second half is that the station wherever you’ll write letters as prayers, needs, and many thanks letters. Besides thereto could be a station wherever you’ll pray ahead of Mary’s replica- in line with the locals and devotees, while past throughout the birthday of the mother, that duplicate howls. The most reason why that duplicate is placed within the glass box to preserve it.

The third half is that the religious residence of Mary’s replicas is being preserved with completely different histories and origins that include the altars, saints, and angels moreover because of the garments she wore once she cried.

The one-fourth is that the memento store within. They sell completely different replicas of the Mother, of saints, of angels moreover as rosaries, crucifix, prayer guides, and bibles.

And finally is that the space dedicated to praying with forms of candles.

Simala Church candles and their meanings

Gold – healing
Green – prosperity
Blue – perseverance
Violet – achievement
Red – love
Yellow – peace
White – purity
Orange – reconciliation
Pink – thanksgiving/happiness/Joy Black – vocation
Gray – deliverance
Cream – conversion

Before entering the holy sanctuary, a Dress code must be observed

Just like any other church, the Simala church has its dress code. Wear the correct outfit, there’s a codification in Simala Church. You’ll not be allowed to enter by the guards if you’re sporting shorts, short skirts (must be below the knees), sleeveless dress or shirt, cropped screw-topped or tube. Men should be sporting pants or jeans and an honest shirt, not shorts.

How to get to Simala Church from Dumaguete

The Miraculous Simala Church by Patty Ma.*

From the urban center, head to South terminal close to the Elizabeth Mall or conjointly called “E-mall” and ride a Bus there progressing to Sibonga. Don’t worry regarding once and wherever you’re progressing to STOP, simply inform the drivers to prevent you from the road that may lead you to progress to Simala Church.

This trip could be a pair of hours and a 0.5-hour ride from Cebu thus you higher bring some water and foods with you.

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The Safe Sanctuary of Mother the Virgin is five km aloof from the road from the Bus drop purpose and you would like a bike ride or the illustrious “Habal-habal “, progressing to the Simala Church.

There also are cottages there for free of charge and it’s accessible for everybody, for families or cluster of friends World Health Organization brought with them their packed lunches.

Don’t forget to prevent by in Carcar town for his or her illustrious delicacy “Chicharon” after you head back home. They need conjointly, “bokarilyo”, “ampao” and plenty of additional.

Simala Shrine Church Cebu Tour Packages

Want an even more awesome Cebu Tour Experience?
Check out the cool tour packages below:


The front of Simala Chruch by Weng Jover.*

Private Tour
Private Air conditioned-vehicle
Local Driver Guide
Parking Fees
Pick-Up/Drop-Off to your Hotel


06:00 am -Pick up in your Hotel
08:00 am -Simala Shrine
11:50-Magellans Cross
12:10- Basilica de Sto Nino
12:30 – Lunch (your expenses)
03:30- Taoist Temple
04:20- Temple of Leah
05:00 – Sirao Garden
06:00- Drop off to your Hotel


For Inquiries/Bookings;
Globe/WhatsApp: +639675394470.
SUN: +63922 557 1762
Globelines Telephone Number(032) 266-4088
Email: [email protected]

Simala Shrine Visit + Oslob Whale Shark Watching + Tumalog Falls

Package inclusions

Air-conditioned Innova for less than 7 pax and/ van for 7-12 pax
Whale Shark Watching fee
Tumalog Falls Entrance Fee
Motorcycle ride
Snorkeling gear
Life jacket

Package Exclusions
Underwater camera

No. of Person’s and Prices
1 = Php 4,900 / head
2 = Php 3,200/ head
3 = Php 2,700 / head
4 = Php 2,200 / head
5 = Php 2,000 / head
6 = Php 1,800/ head
7 = Php 1,700 / head
8 – 10 = Php 1,600 / head
11 pax. or more = Feel free to contact us for the price quotation/ discounted rates

Children / Kids Pricing
2 years old = Free
3 to 5 years old = Less Php 400
above 5 years old = Full charge

Add-on Fees
* All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: As part of Municipal and Tourism ordinance in Oslob, Cebu, there will be an add-on fee of Php 500.00 per head for foreign nationals joining Whale Shark Watching.

Cebu Twin City Tour w/ Simala Tour (ALL-INN)


1 Buffet Lunch at some point of Cebu Twin Tour.

Cebu Twin City Tour with entrance expenses Sidetrip to Simala.

Pick up and drop off Cebu City/Mactan Island.

Air-conditioned Vehicle apartment fuel & driver served as tour facilitator (10hrs used).


9:00 am – Ideal time for choosing up everywhere in Cebu City/ Mactan Island

START OF CEBU TWIN CITY TOUR facet ride SIMALA (in any order)

  • Sto. Nino Basilica Church and Museum.
  • Yap San Diego Old House.
  • Magellan’s Cross,
  • Free Buffet Lunch at Pinos Restaurant or alike.
  • Taoist temple/ Chinese Temple,
  • Cebu Heritage Park,
  • Pasalubong Center,
  • Fort San Pedro,
  • Mactan Shrine,
  • Guitar factory
  • Side ride to Simala Shrine

Contact Numbers:
09176710072 – globe
09209491549 – smart
09338147881 – sun
Email: [email protected]

I hope you have a blessed and grace-filled trip to Simala!

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